About Us

The Palms is a new Afrocentric retail space, in the heart of Peckham, providing exceptional hairstyling and beauty services, with a high-quality drink and food offer and a multi-use event venue. This covered marketplace will be home to over 30 professional hair and beauty stylists and lifestyle businesses.  This will be enhanced with a new bar, food kiosks all expertly curated to meet the needs of customers from all backgrounds, looking for a more diverse and eclectic retail offer. The Palms exists to support and grow London’s lucrative Afro hair and beauty industry, with a mission to put the power back into the hands of the communities which we work with, and to create new opportunities for women to work collaboratively and to thrive.


Southwark Council invited Something & Son to tender and manage a new Afro hair and beauty hub in Bournemouth Close in order to relocate businesses during the Peckham Rye Station Square development. Something & Son devised, designed and developed Peckham Palms, a covered market concept and ethos and collaborated with hair and beauty service providers working on Blenheim Grove. Something & Son initially worked with Tree Shepherd and Llandolt Brown to develop the project and carry out R&D and community consultation. 

Our Team

Monique Tomlinson

Director & General Manager

Cyndi Anafo

Non-executive Director

Paul Smyth