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‘The Hair Appointment’ comes to London

Spell Magazine – August 2019

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Meet Helena Koudou, the Braider Whose Intricate Works Are the Star of a Mesmerizing Short Film – August 2019

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Pop along to Peckham Palms

Southwark Life – June 2019

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The best afro hair salons in London

Harpers Bazaar – May 2019

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We had our hair braided with Emma Dabiri to talk about her new book ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’

gal-dem – May 2019

Don’t Touch My Hair: an interview with Emma Dabiri

Penguin Books – May 2019

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A Good Use Of Space & Making The Headlines

The Peckham Peculiar – April 2019

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The Kinky Collective will be your new IRL natural hair experts

gal-dem – April 2019

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Meet Monique Tomlinson: A Woman Fighting To Save The South London Black Hair Salon

Forbes – February 2019

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#1 Stories of Black British business – Black Hair Care

Jamii – January 2019

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The Palms Peckham Launch Party

Winkball – January 2019

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Peckham Palms opens its doors

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Diaspora Distins: Antonia Odunlami with Monique Tomlinson

Worldwide FM – January 2019

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We need more spaces dedicated to black hair and beauty

Metro – January 2019

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The Palms: A New ‘Go To’ Destination For The Latest Afro Hair And Beauty Trends

Blacpire – January 2019

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Hair to stay

Peckham Peculiar – December 2018

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New Afro Hair & Beauty Destination Launches In Peckham

The Voice – December 2018

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Peckham Palms: The new Afro hair and beauty destination in Peckham

SouthEast15 – December 2018

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Lessons for the High Street: Peckham Palms

Retail Insider – December 2018

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The Afrocentric retail space counteracting gentrification

GUAP – December 2018

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The UK’s First Dedicated Afro Hair and Beauty Destination Opens

HJi – November 2018

All In My Business

East London Radio – November 2018

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Afro Hair Destination Peckham Palms Prepares To Launch

Southwark News – November 2018

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London’s exciting new hub for Black Haircare

Black Hair Magazine – October 2018